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Half Day4 to 5 hrs Start time varies
One angler$ 175
Two anglers225
Three anglers275
Full Day8 to 9 hrs Start time varies
One angler$ 250
Two anglers290
Three anglers330

San Joaquin Crappie Fishing

Crappie are a very underrated sport fish. Most people think of crappie as a small bluegill, but in fact, crappie are larger than most people think. They can grow to be 18 inches long and 4½ pounds. California's state record is 4.1 pounds which makes them a fun and challenging fight on light tackle. They are opportunistic feeders and can be caught with jigs, roadrunners, beetle spins, tube baits, and crank baits. Minnows are the best bet for live bait. They mainly feed on small fish, even other crappie. These fish normally gravitate around cover, but at times they suspend in deep water.

San Joaquin Crappie Fishing Cycles

Populations of crappie vary from year to year. Your guide knows these cycles. We have good success with these fish and have had catches as high as 40 fish in a 3 hour period with averages of 1.5 pounds. These fish are great fun for all ages from 3 years to 90 years old. These are a great fish to go for when you want to get out and have a nice relaxing day on the water. We pursue these fish on the scenic San Joaquin River where the boat ride getting to the fishing area is a lot of fun.

San Joaquin Crappie Fishing Trip

Clients will meet at a designated time and location. Your captain will go over safety precautions. You may fish one location the whole trip or may move locations quite a bit. Clients have many spots to choose based upon styles of fishing, locations, and different types of species. Your guide/captain will supply all equipment and will also take plenty of pictures. San Joaquin Guide Service asks customers to practice catch and release so you can catch them again next trip. Crappie are very susceptible to over fishing and live up to 7 years.

What to Bring for San Joaquin Crappie Fishing:

  • Fishing license
  • Sunscreen
  • Polarized sun glasses
  • Hat
  • Appropriate clothing for season
  • Food and drink
  • Sense of adventure!

  • You are welcome to bring your own tackle, but is unnecessary.
    San Joaquin Crappie Fishing San Joaquin River Crappie Fishing San Joaquin River Crappie Fishing San Joaquin River Crappie Fishing
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