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Minimum Trip 4 hrs
14' Boat$ 50 hr
19' Boat60 hr
Prices vary depending on trip & range

San Joaquin River Jet Boat Tours

San Joaquin Guide Service offers all types of tours and trips on the San Joaquin River. Most people in California have no idea of the unique river here in Central California. When they think of California rivers, it is normally the rivers in Northern California like the Sacramento River. The San Joaquin River is 330 miles (530 km) long, and is the second longest river in the state of California. It originates high in the Sierra Nevada and drains most of the area from the southern border of the American River catchment, south to Kings Canyon National Park, making it the second largest river drainage entirely in the state. The San Joaquin River's major tributaries include the Kings River, Merced River, Tuolomne River, and Stanislaus River. A few of the major lakes include Pine Flat, Millerton, Don Pedro, and New Melones. The river also joins the Sacramento River in Stockton creating the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.

The San Joaquin River passes through a narrow valley of which John Muir once said: "Certainly this Joaquin Canyon is the most remarkable in many ways of all I have entered."

San Joaquin Guide Service operates its tours and trips on the river from the Friant Dam down river approximately 40 miles. In addition, San Joaquin Guide Service offers river tours to the head waters of Millerton Lake.

San Joaquin River Wildlife Photo Opportunites

On the San Joaquin River, you will find more wildlife per square mile than anywhere else in Central California, such as deer, coyote, beaver, raccoon, bobcat, mountain lion, badger, birds, golden eagle, bald eagle, blue heron, egret, falcon, ducks, quail and both cold and warm water fish. It is a tremendously fertile environment that people are impressed to see and experience. San Joaquin Guide Service is here to help make sure whatever you choose to do is fun and memorable.

The Jet Boats

We have two different boats we use to run on the river. One is a 19' jet boat with 390 HP, seats 8; the other is a 14' jet boat with 50 HP, seats 4-5. Both of these boats can take you on an exhilarating trip. Your Captain, Louis Moosio will point out all interesting sights and history. Your guide is happy to answer any questions. Water temperature permitting, swimming, snorkeling, and rope swings are all great fun and the tour is a great way to get to these points of interest.

Multi-day Campouts

Multiple day camping trips can be arranged if you would like to camp out under the stars. You can either ride to areas in boats or kayak/canoe and have me haul your camping gear if you would like to take your kids camping. They would love this. I can supply the essentials such as ice, cooking tools, tables, chairs, wood, etc. Just let me know what you would like and I will provide you with an estimate.

There may be a fuel surcharge

San Joaquin River Jetboat Tours San Joaquin River Jetboat Tours San Joaquin River Jetboat Tours San Joaquin River Jetboat Tours San Joaquin River Jetboat Tours
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