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1 DayNo Bag Limit
One hunter$ 300
2 DayNo Bag Limit
One hunter$ 500

Central California Wild Pig Hunting

Pig hunting in California is becoming more and more popular. They are your best bet at big game. Seasons are open year-round with no seasonal bag limit. The average size pig makes great table fare. The big boars are great trophies with some in California going well over 500 pounds with anything over 300 pounds a trophy. These boars may have large tusks extruding from their jaws up to 4 inches.

Wild pigs are not native to California. Several different breeds were brought here in the 1800's, as with the wild Russian boar. As they escaped, the population became feral. That is why there are so many color combinations, tan, black, striped, and spotted. These are not the dumb farm animals you may think of. They are very smart, vicious, and dangerous. They do not see very well, but can easily pick up movement. Their sense of hearing and smell is excellent. When shooting them, you will need hard hitting caliber in your firearm, preferably above .243. Bigger is better because these animals are renowned for their toughness and if hit badly, they do not leave a good blood trail.

Central California Wild Pig Hunting Locations

San Joaquin Guide Service hunts on private ranches in the Central California foothills. The ranches are covered with great game habitat and have plenty of water. We mostly spot and stalk the pigs, which is probably the most exciting way. In the hot summer months, we can hunt from stands or cover near water.

The Central California Wild Pig Hunting Guide

Guide will field dress animal and suggest butcher. We will meet at designated time and location. Guide will go over safety precautions, area to be hunted, and describe the hunt.

What to Bring for Central California Wild Pig Hunts:

  • Hunting license
  • pig tag
  • firearm and caliber as suggested above
  • binoculars
  • small pack
  • game bag
  • clothing to match season
  • food and drink

  • Guide to supply ice chest.
    Central California Wild Pig Hunting Central California Wild Pig Hunting Central California Wild Pig Hunting
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