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Half Day4 to 5 hrs Bag Limit 1
One hunter$ 200
2nd hunter100
Full Day8 to 9 hrs Bag Limit 1
One hunter$ 325
2nd hunter175

Central California Cayote Hunting

Coyotes are one of the smartest animals in California. They range from the deserts to some of the highest mountains in all types of environments.

A true scavenger, the coyote, will eat almost anything, animal or vegetable. Although their diet consists predominately of small rodents and rabbits, they also prey upon large animals such as deer, cattle, and sheep. A typical diet may contain up to 40% plant material.

Central California Cayote Hunting Locations

We hunt these animals from the valley floor, along the San Joaquin River, to the foothills and mountains of the Sierra Nevadas. We use calls (electric or mouth) as well as motion decoys. A coyote has superb hearing and sense of smell, but their sight is very surprising. It is very important you have a natural blind or wear full camouflage, especially over your face and eyes. Coyotes can be out during the day, but are mostly active at night or in low light conditions. We try to be out hunting at those times. In most of the locations we hunt, it is a good idea to have a shotgun ready with buckshot, but a rifle in just about any center fire caliber will work just fine and is your primary weapon.

The Central California Cayote Hunting Guide

After meeting at set time and location, you and your guide will head out together. Your guide will set-up while being aware of wind and also shooting directions. We may move several times.

What to Bring for Central California Cayote Hunts:

  • Hunting license
  • Camouflage clothing, especially for face
  • Binoculars
  • Gun as described above or one can be provided for you
  • Clothing to match season
  • Food and drink.
  • Sense of adventure!!!

  • Ice chest will be provided.
    Central California Coyote Hunting Central California Coyote Hunting
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